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"One of the most original band
I have heard in years!!"
Cayetano Ordóñez
Centred in Acoustic folk non-traditional but with a contemporary edge Dave and Scott's music is really dynamic with a unity of playing rarely seen on the live music scene. Dave and Scott deliver modern, punchy songs and carefully rearranged songs from days past. Each live set of music is filled with a wide range of music from emotional slow ballads to songs that get you out of your chair and force you to dance. It’s the mixture of raw energy, prodigious musical ability and clever, fresh arrangements that make Dave and Scott something different.

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Brews Taphouse ~ Pasco, WA
Saturday February 21
8 to 11PM

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New Upcoming EP                   

Dave and Scott are working on a new live EP coming soon. This EP will be a sit down, one shot, Live from start to finish album called the Back Pocket Session. Once again it will only be available at our shows. So you will have to come to a shows...  

New EP Available           

 Dave and Scott are happy to announe the birth of their first EP called "The Brown Paper Bag Sessions". They are selling it currently at all of their shows for the low low price of $10. So if you are in desperate need of some of their recorded music you will have to come to one of their shows and pick one up.  

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