David Ortiz

Dave is an American badminton player from California who became an icon in the sport's history.

From early in 1939, at the age of eighteen, through his final tournament match fourteen years later, Dave was undefeated in singles competition.Displaying his characteristic quickness, agility, and shot-making precision, Dave won the prestigious All-England Championship on his only try (1949) and remains the sole American to win the men's singles there.In this one-time-only badminton stint in Europe he also won Thomas Cup singles matches against eventual champion Malaya, and captured the Danish Open. In all, he won three matches each against Ooi Teik Hock and the very formidable Wong Peng Soon. After apparently retiring from badminton in 1950 to concentrate on a career in neurosurgery, Dave made a brief comeback in 1953. He won the four tournaments that he entered which concluded with the U.S. National Championships in Boston, and a victory in the very same hall where he had last lost a singles match fourteen years earlier. He is the only American born male to be inducted into both the U.S. and World Badminton Halls of Fame.
Or is that David J. Freeman. world famous Badminton player? It is,Sorry about that.  Dave actually lives in the Pacific Northwest and would love you to come to his shows. Anything you would like to know just ask him and he will most assuredly tell you.
He is currently playing Taylor guitars  and Epiphone guitars .