Dave and Scott are both products of A loving mother and Father. Both were introduced to music at a very young age and actually liked it more than playing outside or blowing things up. Dave stumbled across a barefoot Scott playing a bedazzled kazoo on a street corner surrounded by a pack of feral dogs. After their chance meeting on the corner Dave and Scott became a part of a rock band called NoRest. After playing for a couple years NoRest dissolved and Dave and Scott returned to creating music that was purely simple and simply pure.

Early on while performing live as Dave and Scott they were often asked about their recorded music. The catalyst for their first EP, The Brown Paper Sessions, was born . They built their own studio and proceeded to record and produce their own brand of music. With their new EP in hand, they embarked on performances at wineries and coffee shops  around the Pacific Northwest.

Dave and Scott's music is really dynamic with a unity of playing rarely seen on the live music scene. Centred in acoustic tradition but with a contemporary edge, Dave and Scott deliver modern, punchy, danceable tunes. That are carefully arranged covers with intricate, emotional slow sets. As to the bands song writing skills there is really something remarkable going on. It’s the mixture of raw energy, prodigious musical ability and clever, fresh arrangements that make Dave and Scott something different. They have been recording their second album which will be released in the near future. Dave and Scott are looking forward to touring with the new album and another summer of performances across the Pacific Northwest.

Much Love Dave and Scott