About the EP

The album literally leapt into my CD player of it's own accord and proceeded to breathe a sigh of contentment" MoJo 

“Put simply, Dave and Scott's eponymous first EP is amazing. Makes me want to stop what I’m doing and dance around on the spot” Mike M.  ObscureSound.com

“The musicianship on this album is refreshing.......Thank you!” Travis Newby 

"Fine debut from two fine fellows" Joe Tolrud

"Starting innocently enough with some deceptively simple funky acoustic guitar strums, this track quickly grows into a virtuoso explosion of instrumental confusion. Dave and Scott are at the top of their game ....... This is what they used to call “making music” back when music was played by actual people! " Superfan2013; FunFunFunMedia.com (about Kick Around)