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Dave and Scott's EP

Dave and Scott

“The musicianship on this album is refreshing.......Thank you!” Travis Newby

"Fine debut from two fine fellows" Joe Tolrud


"Friendly fellows with a penchant for rolling their own cigarettes and drinking fine wine, Oh and making some killer music as well... " Green Hollow Times

"Watching Dave and Scott perform is like watching two siamese twins seperated at birth come together and make the most amazing music" Jared Tiempramos


Dave and Scott on stage

"Loving Dave and Scott at Barnard Griffin!!" Shelley Hooker Ledbetter

"I'd love to have you back at Smasne!" Rochelle Connard (smanse Cellars Kennewick)

"Jam'n these guys tunes on Reverbnation.....awesome music guys. Good work...look forward to seeing you live in the near future." Frank Alejandro